What kind of adult supervision is provided?

We will be taking trained adult volunteers, who are passionate about investing in your students’ lives, to serve as small group and room leaders.  All of our leaders will be equipped and coached, as well as cleared through a background check.

Will there be trained medical staff accompanying the group to Beach Camp?

Yes.  We will have a pediatrician and nurse serving at Beach Camp. All prescription medication will be retained and administered by the medical staff. Any regularly administered prescription medication must be given to the medical staff at check-in.

Will my student be able to take a cell phone?

Yes.  Students may take cell phones to Beach Camp but time will be limited on them. Cell Phones will be kept by the room leader until after evening worship each day and then taken back up by 11:30pm. Students who abuse this freedom will have their phones taken up and given back at the end of camp.  This week is about connecting them with Jesus and ignoring distractions.

How can I stay informed about what is going on at Beach Camp?

We want to do everything possible to let parents know what is happening at Beach Camp.  Here are the ways you can stay informed throughout the week:

What should I do if I have more questions?

Bring your questions to the parent meeting.  We will cover the trip details and have time for any remaining questions.  You may also contact us at beachcamp@southcrest.tv.